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TREASON Against the US Constitution

There is no speech on earth that is more protected than the following declaration of Causes, Grievances and Crimes that have been committed by The Federal Government with the cooperation of State Governments, County and Parrish Governments, and City Governments. The US Constitution is nine pages of plain English which is supported and clarified by thousands of pages of commentary written by the authors of the US Constitution in their own words.

The continued actions of the Federal Government of the United States of America, their Police State, their Officers which multiply across the face of this land – eating out the very substance of Our Property – can no longer be tolerated. This is an INVASION of Our Government by both foreign enemies and domestic dissenters against our Constitution who have falsely taken an Oath to Defend and Protect our Constitution and the government that It Created.

While one can understand the under-handed and cunning tactics of a foreign enemy and grudgingly respect their abilities and duty to their cause – they are still called spies and sappers. But one cannot fathom the actions of persons, freeborn on our soil, that have turned against the Establishment of our Rights. Such persons are Traitors of the lowest and most devilish sort – betraying their Own Blood and Kin to a foreign enemy. These creatures are Devious and seek at all times and seasons to undermine and destroy not only our Constitution but our very culture. As such they are not only the enemies of these United States of America but they are enemies of Civilization itself.

The Federal Government through their myriad laws, and agencies and courts and officers and bureaus and fees and fines and court costs and trials and reviews and taxes has lain a burden upon the backs of those that labor in this Republic that crushes all valuable commerce and industry.

The Federal Government, originally charted to have 10 square miles purchased from a state now claims to own and control almost all undeveloped lands and all of the resources they contain. Our People, unable to found industrious businesses or recover resources, are left homeless and unemployed on the continent their fathers struggled and suffered to Liberate for their Posterity.

To further this outrage the Federal Government has debased our currency by surrendering control of the value of OUR dollar into the hands of a privately owned bank. The true owners of this bank are maintained in their anonymity by the very “laws” of OUR government. This bank, owned by unknown entities, has driven our entire economy into a depth of depression that is only hidden from the foolish by the accelerated debasement of our currency. This has gone so far now as to have indentured future generations in an eternal bondage of debt.

US Debt Clock, Real Time Accounting of US Spending and Debt

And as if that outrage were not enough OUR Federal Government has established corporations as chartered citizens with the right to influence OUR elections, lobby for laws that benefit only themselves, corrupt OUR courts, and render any attempt at true Justice for proven wrongs a virtual impossibility.

The Federal Government presumes to declare our Right to Trial By Jury null and void by executive fiat – placing in the hands of one man arbitrary discretion over the lives and fortunes of all.

The Federal Government continues military campaigns against numerous nations across the globe. Sending our sons and daughters – to be crippled both physically and psychologically or to be killed – to destroy the sons and daughters of other men who are defending their own lands against a foreign INVADER! That Invader is US! The countless innocents destroyed by these unjustified wars stain our Republic with murder, blood, and horror.

The Federal Government has been shown repeatedly to act with complete disregard for justice, peace, due process and the safety of women and children and innocents by raiding homes and businesses with masked men using military tactics that parade behind badges as “Law Enforcement.” Our citizens homes are ransacked, while family members are kidnapped and dragged away hogtied their children are held hostage at gunpoint for the safety of masked men wearing armor. Such Cruel and Unusual behavior is Treason against the US Constitution – indeed, it is Treason against civilization itself.

Governments across our land disregard our rights at every turn, presuming us guilty before we are heard by a Jury, confiscating our personal information and property and requiring us to petition for its release making an end run around Due Process. We are coerced by threatening us with greater crimes if we do not confess to lesser crimes, and by judges threatening our juries if they dare judge the law itself. These judges know nothing of Justice and tell us that our courts are about their “Law” and not our “Justice.”

Governments across our land record and archive video and audio of public streets and parks and even private property. They violate our sacred rights to privacy by compiling dossiers on us all – from the time we are born – by using false pretense and commercial databases and a multiplicity of misleading laws alleged to protect our privacy – yet require our doctors and utilities and banks and many others to submit our data as a condition of “compliance.”

Governments across our land have raised an army of “Law Enforcement” that rob us of our rights at gunpoint – stealing our property, abusing women and children, and kidnapping our citizens For Political Crimes. These militants hide behind a code of silence like a common street gang – and as if to make the devil himself blush in shame – These criminals are repeatedly freed and allowed to prey amongst us again by the very courts that are charted to defend us from Injustice.

These things ought not to be.

How is it that we have come to this tragedy? It is by our consent. It is by our failure to resist encroachments on our rights with vigor and force. It is because we would rather bear a little burden than breach the peace, It is because we would rather tolerate some injustice than shed the blood of our fellow man.

Today, The court, charted by the US Constitution as a court of last resort has declared that It has the power to define itself. They declare as a group, with some theater of dissent, that an institution created by a Law has the right to redefine that Law and recreate itself – repealing the very Law that created it. This court and all of its subservient courts claim that they alone determine the meaning of our Constitution and that there is no going back to the old ways.

I declare this day that the Governments of the United States of America have so far exceeded the boundaries of their charters of authority that they are fully illegitimate and that their intention appears to be the total enslavement of the people of the United States of America. These individuals show nothing but contempt for our Constitution and as such, having taken the Oath of Office, they are guilty of Treason.

We at Fire of Liberty pray that violence can be averted and that a peaceful return to our Constitution can occur. But From Today – No American should consent to their child or their spouse or their own person being groped by some mentally sick adult that thinks its Ok. No American should consent to any type of illegal checkpoint, illegal searches or other obviously illegal laws. All Americans that wish to do so should Bear Arms, Openly, at all times and without consenting to “ID checks” or “conversations.” Instead they should clearly inform these agents that they are overstepping their boundaries and that such acts of aggression are Treason against their Sworn Oath to defend the Bill of Rights. We are presumed innocent until proven guilty, We are not even to be approached except under probable cause, We have no duty to address the concerns of anonymous cowards, Criminals do not often carry arms openly, and it is OUR RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS.

It is our belief, that if we as a people continue to consent, we will be destroyed by a domestic enemy that has usurped our government, burned our Bill of Rights, and used money they have taken from us to buy bullets and weapons and prisons that they intend to use against us.

D O  N O T  C O N S E N T!

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  1. das ram

    29-June-2012 @ 06:53

    Do not consider a bloody revolt as your course of action to redeem your right of a sovereign human. There are numerous bloodless methods to remove permanently the usurpers, aggressors and oppressors. A concise and effective non-violent war should be called on without the report of arms, which would initiate a flight to their borrows heavily guarded. First, take from them the air which they breathe by withholding all taxes. Determine whether or not you are actually a taxpayer. Most will concur that an entrepreneur Living life in pursuit, is not. If you are not a US Citizen by contract – their property, you are not liable. Reclaim yourAmerican Citizenship and denounce your Social Security contract which was most likely imposed on you through fraud and without your Knowledge and Consent. There was no Meeting of the minds, as such, congress has elected to unilaterally change the conditions of the contract on numerous occasions.

    Then, hunt silently and without report.

  2. Plagiumcheck

    22-July-2013 @ 03:56

    There was no Meeting of the minds, as such, congress has elected to unilaterally change the conditions of the contract on numerous occasions. A good point but I don't agree with that.. http://top-weird-essays.com/