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Stand Up for Your Rights – III – Even More Videos

It goes on, and on and on… “America! … F*** Yeah!” says one protester…


Cop commits negligent homicide by running over a 17 year old kid for bicycling without a tail light. This cop also fires a taser at the kid while driving, and runs over him because he was following a bicycle less than 10 feet. “A judge” says that is A-Ok. basically that the 17 year old deserved to die because he disobeyed a cop. What a heartless inhuman monster.




Perceived threat? Only by cowards.

Armored, Heavily Armed man attacks a mother of two with potentially lethal force repeatedly and then kidnaps her — all in front of her children whom he lives stranded on the side of the road for 40 minutes during winter. The accusation? She was driving 50 mph in a 45 zone and talking on the phone – One Catch: She didn’t have a cellphone. She was attacked when she tried to show the officer that she did not have a cellphone. Criminal. Period.

I’d think a cop in Wyoming would have bigger stones, and a clear grasp of the US Constitution. He is literally handcuffing a 2 tour Iraq Vet who is lawfully carrying a firearm. Why? because the Cop is afraid. The Irony is Thick. — Then — When this cop is asked for his name he dodges. It doesn’t matter what you like cop, you are committing TREASON, don’t think so? Read the second amendment: anything you do related to weapons and citizens in good standing is a FELONY, any action you take without legitimate probable cause is TREASON. Listen to this coward cop try to rationalize his treason. If you are that afraid of us you need to change careers ‘lil guy.

No, you didn’t do anything illegal…

You can hear her infant crying while the cops assault and beat her. They left her baby alone on the sidewalk… She cries out about this and this male cop then slams her head into the road, knocking her unconscious – the cops continue to ignore the infant. What sick fucks. It doesn’t matter why this started, but it was a women walking her baby in a stroller…

Of course it is going to get a lot worse, VIPR Teams are coming to a highway near you. If you think regular cops are bad, wait until these federal thugs get in full swing. TSA: Terrorists who Sexually Assault children. These folks are some seriously sick people, once you get them touching children and stripping everyone they meet during the day they will become so dehumanized it will be horrific. These are the kinds of people that sign up to work in the killing fields. Or at least that is what history says about the matter…

Take some time to read up on the Stanford Prison Experiment You will be glad you did, but a little disturbed.

I would like to try to end on a positive note. As I have gone through these videos I have found more and more, many from other countries as well. This last video documents several cops in different locations with the same two or three man protest walking across the USA saying ‘It is not Christian to support the war in Iraq.’ This of course is true if Christians are to be taken seriously in their claims on the Mercy of Christ. These cops presume that their commands and preferences have anything to do with the law! They think they can go around commanding people at their discretion. They have no such right! Somehow, they believe that their opinion or need for “safety” trumps our rights, one even says he is going to transport them out of the county, that is kidnapping. Period. Its funny how when you are exercising your rights they say that you are making it difficult. One cops says “I don’t do nuthin on tape…” must be a reason for that… Finally at 5:56 a sheriff deputy comes up to see what is going on. He is cordial, focused and respectful. he found out what was going on, recognized it was not related to criminal activity and walked away… One Good Cop. We know there are more but we like to see the video.

So lets end on that note – an example of the type of Sheriff deputy we can all trust and submit to without fear when we lose a light, or go too fast, or even drink too much or worse. Fire of Liberty salutes that man and all others like him who honor their Oath to the US Constitution that is meant to protect US All.

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