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Stand Up for Your Rights – II – More Videos

Update: Someone mentioned that these are “isolated incidents.” That is a common excuse used by those who embrace and submit to tyranny by ignoring reality (Patrick Henry, and Samuel Adams both commented on these individuals specifically, they are cowards). These events are not isolated and even now when video is ubiquitous there is likely only one video for every hundred plus incidents in this country because these types of stops are happening every day across the USA.

Here are more isolated incidents, you will notice if you watch several that the cops are all using the same tactics.

Listen to the arrogance of these cops, they presume that because “someone reported a man with a gun” that they have the right to detain someone, question him, and interfere with his business. After he states that he does not wish to be questioned without the presence of an attorney They change tactics and continue questioning him When he states that he is invoking his 5th amendment right to silence, they change tactics again. Notice how they will not answer a direct question, they keep dodging. This is Criminal behavior the fact that they sound polite and insist they are being reasonable just means that they are “nice” criminals I guess.


What an arrogant pack of bullies.


Another, what a pack of loonies these cops are, state cop even has his shotgun drawn down on this guy. These guys are trained to lie and city ordinances DO NOT trump the US Constitution. Not Ever. note the cop that keeps calling fellow human beings “subjects.” Guilt seeking? What the hell is that? I didn’t see that in the Bill of Rights…

Another. They keep saying that a call from someone that you are carrying a gun, or someone complained. They then try to spin that into a law when asked what ordinance authorizes them to question him. The cops keep confabulating a phone call with a law. Cooperate or we will beat you I guess.

Are these staged? What they hell difference does that make? Cops dress in plain clothes and go out and try to trick friends and family members into betraying each other EVERY day of the week. They are surprised when we walk around exercising our rights with a video camera to see if some cop will break their oath to the US Constitution? At least this last guy is being honest and not a lying thief like so called “undercover” cops (misrepresentation, a crime; seizures without due process, a crime (Due Process: prior consent of a jury)) They always act like laws do not constrain their behavior or apply to them…

Another. What’s great is that once these cops knew they had NO legal standing to harass these people they tried to get the store manager to throw them all out (no doubt for “Public Safety” Also note that they didn’t mention this to these people) and were informed by the manager that he was glad they were there and the only people causing problems was the cops.

Yet another isolated incident (that may not be in USA from the accents, poster didn’t say but is defending common law rights) complete with the ol “assault by blowing in the face line” and “you are absolutely right, but it doesn’t matter.” Watch the look in the first cops eyes, he’s looks unsure at first, later he looks more like he is pissed and wants to teach this “scum bag” a “lesson.” And of course this is followed by more lies and distortions. They always claim they “didn’t say that” unless you quote them word for word… This other cop then states that their city has an ordinance that no more than 4 people can be in a group on the sidewalk. You, your spouse, and your 4 kids are in trouble on the sidewalks of Quincy… Amazing.

Wow, there are a lot of isolated incidents on YouTube alone.

Another. Its really about armed robbery. That’s what happens here in my opinion. You have a choice Pay them off or they will continue to drag you back and forth through their system until you are broke, ruined and crushed. That is armed extortion and if they illegally detain you it is also kidnapping. It looks nicer here and the people on TV tell us its ok but otherwise it is just a protection racket just like in Mexico with their “mordida.” Note the other cop that is out of uniform…

Of course we already knew that NYPD is a bunch of self righteous gangsters that wear badges instead of patches.

This guy was definitely worthy of arrest when the cops showed up but what this cop did was murder. Period. Woman calls the cops on her abusive son – I bet she didn’t want him shot dead in front of her. At least the other cop felt remorse and filed information on the crime. Notice how deeply this “chief” is ready to go to defend this murderer…They always use the word “dynamic” Dynamic Situations and Dynamic Entries. It is often used for building excuses to “justify” outrageous behavior. Sick.

This cop violated client attorney privilege the moment he looked at that paper because he is an agent of the court. This is exactly what he did: He snooped and he stole. Period. He should have gotten a year, not ten days, He was a Officer of the Court! Absolutely bound to respect the law.

It shouldn’t be surprising that cops, who enter a state of near panic every time they pull over someone that stands up for their rights, would be so terrified of an 80 year old with a pocket knife that they would have to try to kill her with a body slam to the asphalt. Notice the blood? Yeah, me too.

Stand Up for Your Rights – III – Even More Videos

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