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The Law — part 5 of 5

Welcome to Fire of Liberty’s 2nd serial!

Over the next five weeks we will publish Frederic Bastiat’s liberal classic “The Law” in smaller chunks that you can read in under 30 minutes. Written in the final days of his life, “The Law” carries on the tradition of John Locke and other liberals who sought to free mankind from the chains of Kings and their “noble” and “aristocratic” sycophants and the ludicrous and obscene political philosophies that they use to “justify” their ravenous appetites for the blood and sweat of other men.

Notice: This version of Patrick Sterling’s 1874 translation has been reformatted and modified with modernized spellings. If you came here from Google or DuckDuckGo, you may want to start at The Law — Part 1 of 5

And if mankind is not competent to judge for itself, why do they talk so much about universal suffrage?

This contradiction in ideas is unhappily to be found also in facts; and whilst the French nation has preceded all others in obtaining its rights, or rather its political claims, this has by no means prevented it from being more governed, and directed, and imposed upon, and fettered, and cheated, than any other nation. It is also the one, of all others, where revolutions are constantly to be dreaded, and it is perfectly natural that it should be so.

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The Law — part 4 of 5

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For whilst society is struggling to realise liberty, the great men who place themselves at its head, imbued with the principles of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, think only of subjecting it to the philanthropic despotism of their social inventions, and making it bear with docility, according to the expression of Rousseau, the yoke of public felicity, as pictured in their own imaginations.


The Law — part 3 of 5

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But, oh! sublime writers, deign to remember sometimes that this clay, this sand, this manure, of which you are disposing in so arbitrary a manner, are men, your equals, intelligent and free beings like yourselves, who have received from God, as you have, the faculty of seeing, of foreseeing, of thinking, and of judging for themselves!


Stand Up for Your Rights – IV – Even Even More Videos

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The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


TREASON Against the US Constitution

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…one cannot fathom the actions of a person, freeborn on our soil, that has turned against the establishment of our Rights – Such persons are Traitors of the lowest and most devilish sort. Betraying their Own Blood and Kin to a foreign enemy. These creatures are Devious…


The Law — part 2 of 5

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“… This is so true that, as a friend of mine once remarked to me, to say that the aim of the law is to cause justice to reign, is to use an expression which is not rigorously exact. It ought to be said, the aim of the law is to prevent injustice from reigning. In fact, it is not justice which has an existence of its own, it is injustice. The one results from the absence of the other.”


Stand Up for Your Rights…

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Disclaimer: This article is an act of free speech which makes strong statements against illegal police behavior. Everyone on this site supports law and order and the good men and women in our police forces that do try their best to be just in their duties and preserve the Rule of Law. We know they are out there, and we understand that their current silence is really…


Stand Up for Your Rights – II – More Videos

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Update: Someone mentioned that these are “isolated incidents.” That is a common excuse used by those who embrace and submit to tyranny by ignoring reality (Patrick Henry, and Samuel Adams both commented on these individuals specifically, they are cowards). These events are not isolated…


Stand Up for Your Rights – III – Even More Videos

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I’d think a cop in Wyoming would have bigger stones, and a clear grasp of the US Constitution. He is literally handcuffing a 2 tour Iraq Vet who is lawfully carrying a firearm. Why? because the Cop is afraid. The Irony is Thick.


The Law — part 1 of 5

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How is this argument to be answered? Yes, as long as it is admitted that the law may be diverted from its true mission, that it may violate property instead of securing it, everybody will be wanting to manufacture law, either to defend himself against plunder, or to organize it for his own profit. The political question will always be prejudicial, predominant, and absorbing; in a word, there will be fighting around the door of the Legislative Palace. The struggle will be no less furious within it. To be convinced of this, it is hardly necessary to look at…


Research Materials

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The most important thing that a truly Free Person can have is good information. Good information is essential to drawing accurate conclusions about the nature of the world around us. Amazingly, though the USA is teetering on the brink of Totalitarianism, there are enormous repositories of reliable information available to us right now with a couple of mouse clicks.


Ron Paul’s Message

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This is a video that Ron Paul has released to his supporters. It is published but you won’t find it on youtube by searching for it. Fire of Liberty supports Ron Paul in his continued efforts on behalf of the Liberty Movement.


Do You Know What Is Next?

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Ponzi schemes cannot and do not last. There will be no joy coming when the big “I told you so” is finally here. If you have not yet started the habit of provident living, please, for the sake of your spouse and your children – Get In The Habit!


A Reminder About Rand Paul

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Rand Paul is about as much Ron Paul as Ted Kennedy was John Kennedy… family name mostly.


Ron Paul: Are you with us?

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If you have conceded then say so with a press release and walk away. You are Dr. No, the only man that spent his entire career in Congress voting with the Founding Fathers. Nothing ever changes that, you have our love and respect.


Rand Paul is a Traitor

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Perhaps this is just the latest in the MSM’s attempts to discredit the Liberty Movement. Perhaps Ron Paul was as blind-sided by this as the rest of us. Perhaps Rand was seduced by the power and the allusive siren song of “working change from the inside.” Whatever the story, whatever the excuse. Fire of Liberty Fully, Completely, and unreservedly removes ALL SUPPORT for Rand Paul.


Growth of the Police State

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As I warned and many others warned, the TSA style searches in the airports was a Trojan Horse to condition the public into acceptance of invasive and illegal searches throughout this county.


Tin Foil Hats are in this (Bilderberg) Season

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“I saw the flag, which had visibly identified the ship as American, riddled with bullet holes, and heard testimony that made it clear that the Israelis intended there be no survivors. Not only did the Israelis attack the ship with napalm, gunfire, and missiles, Israeli torpedo boats machine-gunned three lifeboats…”



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Once again, the United States of America, the great moral leader of the world, is allies with Al Qaeda terrorists for the purposes of regime change and more wars in foreign lands.


Facebook Follies

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What do you get when you cross the CIA with Morgan Stanley? You get a massive pump and dump fraud to the tune of $13 billion loss in a day […]


Police State Accelerates

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Police State The Police State section will dominate today because the police state is really ramping up its activities against the free citizenry of this country. Obama has taken another […]


Fire of Liberty Is Growing!

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The fire of liberty is spreading through the world like a forest fire. More and more people all over the world are awakening to the awful curse of banksters and the corruption that they have wrought on our governments; the blood and horror of their reign of terror has poisoned the entire earth.